Why Hire Netsquire?

Faster, Easier, Cheaper Divorce Options

We are not a traditional divorce litigation law firm. We do not encourage people to engage in years of fighting and spend tens of thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees. You worked hard for your money. You should keep it for yourself. You should get your divorce done swiftly so you can both move on with your lives. We understand this at Netsquire. And we know there aren’t many good options out there for people who want to divorce differently. Most law firms will ask you for at least a $5,000 retainer. And that’s just for one of you!

What Is Our Promise?

Most law firms don’t know how to resolve divorce. They only know how to fight.  Because that’s how they’ve always done it.

That’s why we created Netsquire – a process for the people who want something different. Better. We work with couples who are committed to getting their divorce done quicker and cheaper.
We offer online mediation and document preparation services for one affordable flat fee.

If you need help reaching a settlement agreement, an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer will mediate your case to help you reach an agreement on all issues, offer guidance, and explain the process to you.

Once you have reached an agreement, whether we helped you through mediation or you reached it on your own, an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer will draft your written settlement agreement for both parties to sign.  Netsquire will also prepare and file all the remaining documents you need to finalize your divorce for you.

We make sure that you have addressed all appropriate issues, nothing has been left out, and that you do your divorce right the first time.

How we are different from other services:

  • Experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers do the work for you
  • Experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers draft all of the paperwork for you
  • Experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers file all of the papers with the court for you
  • We don’t just give you a pile of forms with instructions and make you figure it out
  • We don’t surprise you with extra hidden fees
  • We don’t have unqualified people claiming to be “paralegals” doing the work
  • We don’t take your money and forget about your case

Check out our affordable flat fee packages
here to see which one is right for you.

We will use compassion, empathy and legal expertise to help people find realistic and efficient solutions for their family law problems so they can be happy again.

OUR PEOPLEOur attorneys and staff will always be driven by a desire to help families through rough times as their top priority.

OUR EXPERTISE – Our experience and training will allow us to tailor creative solutions to our clients’ specific needs.

OUR CULTURE – Our team will bring a special blend of enthusiasm, teamwork, compassion, optimism, and integrity to collaborate with our clients and help them identify their priorities, their goals and their deepest desires so they can have a life of satisfaction and happiness.

An experience with Netsquire will translate into:

  • An understanding that our creative approach to finding solutions to family law problems has added value to our clients.
  • A superior level of employee and client commitment to our firm.
  • An increased demand for our services from existing clients, former clients and all of their friends and family.

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