Divorce doesn't have to cost you your time, money, and sanity.

When you think “divorce,” do you picture two people yelling across a courtroom?

$30,000+ retainer fees?

Complex and confusing legal documents?

There’s absolutely, positively a better way. At Netsquire, we’ve simplified the divorce process for couples committed to working together for an amicable separation.

Because we believe everyone is entitled to an inexpensive and quick divorce.

Netsquire offers simple, affordable divorces for couples who want to get it over with.

We charge most clients one flat fee. Icon
We charge most clients one flat fee.
Other attorneys charge enormously expensive retainers. We charge one flat fee so you know exactly what you're paying from the start.
No confusion. Icon
No confusion.
Get step-by-step guidance
from an experienced NJ
divorce attorney.
No stuffy office commute. Icon
No stuffy office commute.
We'll meet with you through our online platform, so you can manage your divorce
from the comfort of your own homes.
No fighting. Icon
No fighting.
We work exclusively with couples
who want an amicable,
uncomplicated divorce.
No wasted time. Icon
No wasted time.
We'll get you through this as fast as
possible, without skipping steps or
missing details.
No legal hurdles. Icon
No legal hurdles.
Our licensed divorce attorneys make
sure everything is done right the
first time.

Finally: Affordable Flat-Fee Divorce Packages

Each package includes a comprehensive settlement agreement, filing of all documents, and access to a private Facebook group.

Basic Icon

You have no children.
You have nothing to divide.
You just want a divorce ASAP.

  • All divorce documents drafted and filed for you
  • New Jersey filing fee included
  • Optional access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get help, and connect with others.
  • Access to a licensed NJ divorce attorney to ask questions (without an expensive retainer fee)

Note: Both parties must cooperate and sign documents when we provide them to you. Otherwise, you may need the Mediation package.

Settlement Icon

You already have a verbal agreement on money and your children.

We’ll put it in a written, legally-binding settlement agreement for you.

  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • A comprehensive written settlement agreement that resolves all your issues, drafted by a NJ licensed attorney
  • Guidance through your settlement process so you don’t miss a single detail
  • Email support with a NJ attorney throughout your divorce
Mediation Icon

You need help arriving at an agreement on your money and/or children.

We’ll mediate between you and your partner to negotiate a fair agreement.

  • Everything in Basic & Settlement, plus:
  • Three hours of Mediation with a NJ licensed attorney and trained mediator (meetings via Zoom)
  • Preferred pricing of $300 per additional hour over 3 hours of mediation if it becomes necessary
  • Post-Mediation email support with your mediator

Want to split the cost with your spouse?
Click “Select This Package,” then choose “2 Payments”.

We've helped hundreds of couples separate peacefully. We can help you too.

Divorce In 4 Steps:

Protect your kids

From custody to visits to holidays, we’ll walk you through every decision you need to make in order to move on with your life while protecting your kids.

Handle your money

Should there be alimony? What about child support? How are your children’s expenses going to be shared? We’ll help you figure it all out.

Divide your stuff

We’ll help you decide how to divide your marital home, bank accounts, retirement accounts, cars, debt, and anything else you need to split up.

Get your divorce.

Once you create an agreement about your money, your children, and your stuff, we’ll file all your documents and make sure your divorce is done quickly and correctly.

Your Guides to a Peaceful Separation.

Most law firms don’t know how to resolve divorce. They only know how to fight – because that’s how it’s always been done.

At Netsquire, we’ve ripped up the divorce playbook to make it quicker, simpler, and drama-free. We offer online mediation and document prep services, all for one transparent, flat fee.

With a whole lot of experience under our belts—decades, in fact—we’ve given thousands of couples the nudge they needed to move past divorce and rediscover their happy place.

We’re not just attorneys. We’re your guides, allies, and advocates. We’ll navigate this journey with you, prioritizing your peace of mind and financial health along the way.

You may be wondering...

What is Netsquire?

Netsquire is a group of forward-thinking New Jersey licensed attorneys who help couples get divorced peacefully. Our unique flat-fee service helps you separate fast, cheap, and easy – without sacrificing quality legal counsel.

What makes Netsquire different from a traditional law firm?

Netsquire offers a refreshing approach to divorce, prioritizing swift, affordable resolutions through online mediation. Our experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers handle paperwork, provide transparent guidance, and ensure fairness, steering clear of costly, time-consuming litigation. Unlike traditional law firms, we empower couples to collaborate and move forward efficiently, saving money and emotional strain.

How do I know which divorce package is right for me?

Selecting the appropriate divorce package depends on your circumstances. Opt for the Basic package if you have no children and nothing to divide. Choose the Settlement package if you possess a verbal agreement on money and your children. The Mediation package suits those requiring legal assistance to formulate an agreement. Assess your needs to make an informed decision among our Basic, Settlement, and Mediation packages.

Do you equally represent both sides?

Yes, Netsquire is committed to impartiality. We provide fair and balanced legal support to both parties in a divorce. Our experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers facilitate equitable agreements and guide couples through the process, ensuring that both sides are heard and respected.

What can I expect when I schedule a call from you?

When you schedule a call with Netsquire, anticipate a comprehensive discussion about your unique situation. Our skilled team will listen to your needs, offer insights into our services, and recommend the most suitable divorce package for you. You’ll gain clarity on the process, costs, and how we can assist in achieving an amicable and efficient resolution to your divorce.

How much does it cost to get divorced in New Jersey?

The cost of getting divorced in New Jersey varies based on factors such as the complexity of your case and the legal assistance you require. Traditional litigation can result in higher expenses due to extended court proceedings. At Netsquire, we offer affordable flat fee packages tailored to your needs. Contact us for transparent pricing that helps you save on legal fees while ensuring a smooth divorce process.

How does the “Basic” divorce package work?

The Basic divorce package is designed for cases without children and assets to divide. With this package, Netsquire offers a streamlined process to efficiently finalize your divorce. Our skilled New Jersey divorce lawyers will guide you through the necessary paperwork and legal steps. This cost-effective option ensures a straightforward resolution, allowing you to move forward with your life while minimizing financial and emotional burdens. The cost of this flat fee package is $3,000.

What does the “Settlement” divorce package offer?

The Settlement divorce package suits cases where there’s a verbal agreement for children and finances. Netsquire’s experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers assist in formalizing these agreements. We’ll guide you through the necessary legal processes, ensuring your settlement is properly documented and filed. This package offers an efficient and cost-effective way to solidify your agreements, minimizing potential conflicts and providing a clear path forward after divorce. The cost of this flat fee package is $5,000.

What does the “Mediation” divorce package entail?

The Mediation divorce package offers comprehensive legal support for couples who require an agreement with the use of mediation. Our skilled New Jersey divorce lawyers act as mediators, helping you and your spouse reach fair terms through guided negotiations. We ensure that complex issues are addressed, and then we draft a written settlement agreement for both parties to sign. This package provides three hours of mediation with a New Jersey divorce lawyer and trained mediator over Zoom, ensuring a balanced and legally sound resolution. The cost of this flat fee package is $6,000.

Don't blow all your money on this divorce. Icon
Don't blow all your money on this divorce.
There's a better way to get happy again.


Learn how to navigate life before, during, and after your divorce.

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If you've scrolled down this far, we have something for you.

We get it – choosing an attorney is a big commitment. That’s why we’ve made it a no-brainer for you.

Go ahead and choose the package and payment plan that suits you best. If you have a change of heart before we start on the paperwork or kick-off mediation, you’ll get every penny back. Even if you decide to back out after we’ve begun, we’ll still give you a partial refund, no questions asked.

Just shoot us an email and we’ll sort it out. Choose your plan and join us in the pursuit of a better divorce process!