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Think that divorce must be EXPENSIVE and DIFFICULT? We are changing that!

New Jersey Divorce Law Attorney

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Other attorneys charge big retainers that typically do not give you what you need to resolve your divorce NOW. What if you could get help TODAY to create your TOMORROW at a FRACTION of the price?


Don’t be fooled by other discount services that give you a bunch of forms to fill out. We are attorneys who will do it for a low, fixed cost. We will make sure everything is done right the first time. We will never sacrifice quality just because we are saving you money.

And, if you have a complex situation or have a family law matter that is not a divorce, we can also help.

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You don't need a traditional law firm to get divorced

Attorneys don’t want you to know that you really don’t need to pay them tens of thousands of dollars to get divorced!

What if you could resolve your entire divorce in a mere few weeks at a fraction of the price attorneys are charging JUST TO START?

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You Can Resolve Your Divorce Through Our Method Regardless of Your Issues!

Think that you have children so you need an attorney? Wrong

“But I make a lot more than my spouse?” So what?

“We have so many assets that I need an attorney.” Nope!

Resolve All
Child-Related Issues

Custody and child support are two critical issues in most divorces. We will walk you through all of the things you need to solve to be able to move forward with your life.

Let's Talk About Alimony

Alimony! Yikes. That is either a great word or one that scares you. We will help make it easy for you to figure out if alimony is appropriate in your case. Don’t fight about something that is easy to determine.

Dividing Assets and Debt....No Problem

Figuring out how best to divide your assets and debt can be difficult. From your house to your retirement accounts, we will help you figure out a fair way to divide everything so that you can get divorced.


We have you covered!

Attorneys will charge EACH spouse at least $5,000 JUST TO BEGIN THE CASE.



Have Some Questions About Our Program?

By signing up for the Netsquire Flat-Fee Divorce System YOU will receive ALL of the following:

Full Settlement Agreement that is ready to be signed and resolves all of your issues (with one-on-one mediation if necessary)

$2,500+ Value

The filing of all documents with the court to get you divorced.

$2,500 Value

Access to our PRIVATE Members Only Facebook Group, where you can ask questions and get additional help as you go through the process.

$197 Value

Are you ready to join us, avoid the high cost of attorneys, and get your divorce done in a better way?

We have represented thousands of people in divorce. The process is broken and costs way too much. We created Netsquire to allow people to get divorced much cheaper and quicker without sacrificing fairness or quality.

Your Money

We will help you navigate how money will be divided. Should there be alimony? What about child support? How are your children’s expenses going to be divided? We will help you figure it all out so that you can be divorced.

Your Children

Your children are very important. Let’s make sure you resolve custody and a parenting time schedule. From holiday to vacation schedules, you will be walked through everything you need to know to move on with your life and protect your kids.

Your Stuff

You have to divide your stuff in divorce. If that is you, we will help you figure out how to divide your marital home, bank accounts, retirement accounts, cars, debt, and everything else that you have.

The Divorce

Once you deal with your money, your children, and your stuff, you need to get an actual divorce. We will file all of the documents necessary to make sure your divorce is done correctly and quickly.

What our Clients Say About Our Services


Flat-Fee Divorce Packages

If you need help figuring out the best package for you,

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You have no children.
You have nothing to divide.
You just want a divorce ASAP.

FLAT FEE (Pay in Full Rate)
+ State of NJ Filing Fee
  • All divorce documents will be drafted and filed for you
  • Entire process personally supervised by NJ divorce attorney
  • Both parties must cooperate and sign documents when we provide them to you
  • New Jersey filing fee not included
  • Access to a NJ divorce attorney to ask questions

You already have a verbal agreement on money and your children.
We’ll put it in a written, legally-binding settlement agreement for you.

FLAT FEE (Pay in Full Rate)
+ State of NJ Filing Fee
  • You get everything in the Basic package PLUS the following:
  • A NJ divorce attorney will draft a full and comprehensive written settlement agreement that resolves all your issues at your specific direction
  • You will be guided through the settlement process to make sure nothing is missed!
  • Support from a NJ divorce attorney throughout the process

You need help arriving at an agreement on your money and/or children.
We’ll mediate between you and your partner to negotiate a fair agreement.

FLAT FEE (Pay in Full Rate)
+ State of NJ Filing Fee
  • You get everything in the Basic and Premium package PLUS the following:
  • Three hours of Mediation with a NJ licensed attorney and trained mediator over ZOOM
  • Additional mediation time at an additional flat fee or hourly rate (if needed)
  • Post-Mediation email support with your mediator
Book a Discovery Call With Us Today.


Go ahead, select the package and payment plan that works best for you. If you decide that it is not for you before we draft any documents or you commence mediation, we will refund 100% of your money (less a 3% credit card fee). If you decide to cancel after we do some work, we will issue you a partial refund…NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Don't bargain on your future! Pick the plan that works for you and commit to divorcing the better way!
John Nachlinger
Owner & Attorney, Netsquire