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Seeking an Easier Path to Divorce? Get Guidance from Experienced Mediators in New Jersey.

Couple during mediationDivorce is considered to be one of the most stressful events you can go through in your lifetime. It can bring out the worst feelings in people, especially when you are arguing over money and children. At Netsquire, we have seen just how stressful and time-consuming divorce litigation can be and we want to offer our clients an alternative solution.

Divorce doesn't have to be an angry battle with both parties yelling across the courtroom. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys and mediators offer mediation services, allowing you and your spouse to end your marriage in a peaceful manner.

From our offices in Iselin, we represents clients across New Jersey. Call (732) 479-4711 or contact us online to discuss your situation.

The Benefits of Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

The mediation process offers many benefits, allowing divorcing couples to save time, headache, and expense. Above all else, mediation gives the divorcing couple more power to come to amicable solutions and possibly avoid having to go to court.

Additional benefits of mediating your divorce includes:

  • Mediation is much more private
  • Mediation is less expensive than divorce litigation
  • Mediation is a more efficient process, saving you, your spouse, and your children from the stress of litigation

We highly recommend considering mediating your divorce if you wish to decrease resentment and remain amicable, particularly if you and your spouse have children together. Working with Netsquire can help you through your divorce without the additional stress during an already stressful time. With an office in Iselin, we serve all of Middlesex county!

Resolve Family Disputes During Mediation

During the mediation process, you will sit down with a skilled New Jersey mediator who has valuable training that can aid your specific situation. The goal is to help you and your spouse come to an agreement on every topic at hand. Whether you are mediating a divorce or a modification, we can assist you in navigating all types of family law issues. After you and your spouse have made decisions about each important topic, we can compile an agreement to be finalized by the family court judge.

The following issues can be discussed and resolved in mediation:

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