Andrew Frank is the dedicated Happiness Coordinator at Netsquire. Andrew plays a vital role in ensuring that every person who engages with Netsquire feels valued, heard and supported. Andrew serves as a client liaison and is one of the first people you will encounter at the beginning of your Netsquire experience.

We are proud to have Andrew, a United States veteran, bring his commitment to self-care and discipline to Netsquire. Andrew is committed to self-care, both mind and body. He greatly values hard work, discipline and putting forth his best effort in every experience. Exercise and fitness are an indispensable part of Andrew’s weekly schedule, including but not limited to, weightlifting, swimming, running and HIIT classes. Other forms of self-care are also a major focus for Andrew, such as proper rest, clean eating, ample sunlight, ICE baths, and sauna sessions. Andrew also enjoys competitive strategy games, such as Poker, Magic the Gathering, Chess and Risk.

At Netsquire, we value having people on our team who are well rounded, giving their all to achieving Netsquire’s mission and serving our clients, but also pursuing their own interests outside of work. Andrew’s hobbies are food and beverage focused. He is known to travel for “must try” restaurants and foods. He is also a beer advocate and seldom drinks the same beer twice. He has tried over 700 unique beers – and counting! On a rainy day, you may finding him indulging in Netflix, video games, or a good book.