What Kind of Support Team Can Help in Your Divorce?

There is no doubt that divorce can be a very difficult and distressing time for the spouses involved. After planning a life together carefully, sometimes for many years, separating lives, assets, debts, and property is a stressful process that requires careful attention and often lots of time. Having the right people around you to help you through your divorce can make a big difference to you in your divorce process. The right support team is comprised of many different kinds of people.

First, you should make sure to allow yourself to rely on trusted friends and family to provide you with necessary emotional support. Your friends and family know you best and can provide invaluable insight into how you can best transition through this new period in your life using your past experiences to help shape a perspective for your future. However, you need a team of professionals to guide you through the legal process. 

Next, your support team should include an attorney experienced in the area of family law. A knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the intricacies involved in the legal process. Moreover, an attorney will be familiar with common issues that may pop up in the future, and will have techniques ready to help you guard against future problems. Even where you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your divorce, having an experienced attorney can really help to speed and streamline the process.

Third, seeking assistance from mental health professionals is an important part of building a solid support team. Therapists and counselors may specialize in helping clients to cope with the stress and chaos of divorce. They can provide you with the tools you need to move on from your past life and successfully transition into life as newly single person, while maintaining balanced mental health.

Finally, there could be groups meeting in your community that provide you with encouragement and assistance. Support groups are found in most communities and can help connect you with other people who have gone through the same process and can sympathize with how you are feeling. Some of these groups may be specifically designed to help people directly express their feelings while others may simply be structured to help you participate in activities with other people currently engaged in the divorce process. These activities could range from hiking to going to see a movie.

Divorce is a difficult time and your divorce attorney is an essential part of your support team. in helping our clients with every step of the divorce process. Contact us today at (732) 529-6937 for an appointment.

About the Author


John Nachlinger is a co-founder and managing attorney of Netsquire, a family law firm focused on streamlining divorces through effective mediation, settlement drafting, and court filing assistance. As a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney and Qualified Mediator, John guides couples toward equitable agreements without the cost and stress of litigation.

Recognized as a New Jersey Super Lawyer for over a decade, John’s client-focused approach aims to foster understanding during challenging transitions. With a background spanning top law journals, judicial clerkships, and boutique family law firms, John now applies his analytical skills to create workable solutions for all parties. His mediation services reshape the divorce journey by prioritizing compassion and compromise.

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