Divorce Mediation Master Plan

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The Mediation Master Plan

At New Jersey Divorce Solutions, we have come up with what we call “The Mediation Master Plan.” Our plan is designed to not only remedy your issues, but also complete all the follow up work, which includes the reason for mediation - your divorce. While we encourage you to get advice from an attorney before, during, and after mediation, and definitely before you sign an agreement, our process is designed to take attorneys out of the process, keep your costs down, and get you onto the next chapter of your life without divorce taking a financial toll on your family.

What can you save?

  • Average cost of typical divorce: $15,538 per person (total cost of around $30,000)
  • Average cost of mediation using our unique Mediation Master Plan: $4,425 total

We will walk you through a 3-step process, hold your hand when needed, and be there to provide a vital reality check. As mediators, we are not here to help one side during your process. We are always unbiased and mediate you and your partners thoughts and ideas to craft a resolution decided by you.

The Mediation Master Plan Process

Our 3-step process includes:

  • Mediation: The physical act of talking through all issues which need to be resolved. This includes resolving things like alimony; child support; custody; and dividing property, money, tax issues, and debt. We book in 3-hour sessions and make sure both parties get their fair say in the discussions.
    • COST: $1,200 per 3-hour session. Around 50% of our mediation cases last only one session (or less). If the mediation needs to continue for more than one session, you will have the option (upon guidance by the mediator) to purchase another 3-hour session at $1,200. Around 80% of our mediation cases resolve in six hours of mediation time or less.
  • MSA: Your Matrimonial Settlement Agreement takes all the information you and your partner discussed and agreed to during your mediation and puts it into a legal document that you can sign.
    • COST: $1,500 flat fee for preparation, discussion, and execution of this settlement agreement.
  • Divorce: We obtain a divorce for you and your partner. This involves taking the MSA we created and preparing the legal paperwork required for divorce. We then submit everything to a judge to formally dissolve your marriage.
    • COST: $1,850 flat fee (including State of NJ filing fees)

To learn more about how you and your partner can benefit from New Jersey Divorce Solutions’ Master Mediation Plan, call us today at (732) 479-4711. You can also contact us online at your convenience.

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