Anyone who has a teenager knows how difficult life can be. Most teenagers don’t want to listen to their parents and want to spend all their time with their friends. Throw a divorce into the mix and you will probably have an unhappy teenager. Under the New Jersey Custody Statute, the age of the child is a consideration when awarding custody determining a parenting time schedule. Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic age in which the teenager gets to decide where she or he will live. The older the child, the more likely the Court is going to consider the child’s preferences. Regardless, until the child is 18 years old, the Court will put into place a parenting time schedule.

At Netsquire, we can help you and your spouse develop a parenting time plan that works for your teenager. When dealing with your teenager, the biggest component of the parenting plan should be flexibility. Some parents even go so far as to build a clause into their agreement that states “…in accordance with the child’s schedule,” meaning the parenting plan is a framework but if the child has sporting events or academic responsibilities, then the parenting time schedule will be subject to change.

Parents must work together to make the divorce as seamless as possible for the children, especially teenagers. Parents often try to fit teenagers into their lives as opposed to the parents fitting into the teenagers’ lives. At Netsquire, we help our client consider both interests and assist parents and teenagers in working together. Contact us at Netsquire to schedule a client vision meeting. Or you can schedule one right here.

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