Parenting Time During The COVID-19 Pandemic Part - 4: Don’t bad mouth the other parent to your kids!

While this Pandemic has been going on, there have been malicious games played by a lot of parents. In case you have never thought of this way, when you bad mouth your child’s other parent, you’re really criticizing your child, because your child is 50% of him or her. Kids are mindful of that. It can be very hurtful to your child when you speak badly about the one other person they love most in this world besides you. What’s more, then the child feels like they cannot show their love for both of you because you might get mad. It’s a terrible burden for a child. We all end up in therapy in our lives for something, but do you really want your kid in therapy one day talking about that one?

So, try and resolve your issues together and not scream at each other on the phone. Even if you think they’re not listening – they are.

If you want to talk about the details of your divorce with your friends, don’t do it when your kids are in ear shot.

Don’t use your kids to send messages back and forth. They don’t want to do it and it stresses them out. Even if they don’t tell you that.

If you are having doubts about how your co-parent is handling the Pandemic, don’t just assume their house is dangerous. Talk about the safety measures and agree on something you are both comfortable with. Pack a mask for your child, hand-sanitizer and wipes and teach them how and when to use it to give you that extra peace of mind you need.

We know you really want what’s best for your kids. Divorce is an emotional time. We just want to remind you to be careful what you say and do as those little eyes and ears are watching and listening. Be your best self to model the kind of behavior you would want for them to emulate.

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