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Parent with custody of childOne of the most stressful issues which is frequently argued in divorce cases or family law disputes is child custody.

Whether you are getting a divorce from your spouse or you share children out of marriage, our Woodbridge Township child custody attorneys at Netsquire can help you protect your relationship with your children.

Our lawyers know that it can be difficult to agree on who will take care of your children and where they will live.

Our goal is to help you establish a thorough parenting plan which meets your family's needs.

What Type of Lawyer Handles Child Custody?

The type of lawyer that handles child custody also provides various areas of practice in family law that are related to each other. Skilled family law attorneys are highly experienced in representing clients with many obligations.

For instance, you can be in the middle of a divorce while arranging alimony, child custody, child support, and parenting time.

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Understanding Child Custody Laws in NJ

In child custody cases, either parent will be granted shared custody or one parent will have primary custody.

If you are unable to make a decision between the two of you, the court will make one for you.

Although NJ courts makes the final decision, proposing a custody and visitation plan (parenting plan) allows you to have the chance to express your desires and what you think is best for your children.

Then the court will put forth an order in regards to both legal and physical custody.

New Jersey courts consider numerous factors when determining child custody, but they mainly focus on the child’s best interests. If the parents are seeking joint custody, the NJ courts will examine their ability to agree, communicate, and cooperate with regards to the children.

Any history of domestic violence will factor heavily in any custody or visitation decision.

A few additional factors which the court may consider include:

  • Health and healthcare needs of the child
  • Age and preferences of the children
  • Relationship between the parents and child
  • The needs of the children to further his or her best interests

Can a Child Refuse Visitation in NJ?

In New Jersey, the majority's proper age a child can refuse visitation is 18 years old. The state of New Jersey defines 18 as an official age of adulthood. Therefore, without going to the court process, a child can choose where to live parent.

Establishing a Workable Parenting Plan in NJ

Developing a parenting plan that works for both parents can be difficult.

When you hire our family law firm, you can rely on our Woodbridge Township family law attorneys to keep your child's well-being and best interests in mind. Our lawyers take into account your concerns and goals, as well as what is best for your child on a long-term basis.

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