How do I know if my divorce is a good fit for mediation?


How do I know if my divorce is a good fit for mediation?  

A lot of people come to us asking for an “uncontested” divorce.  People equate “uncontested” with cheaper, faster and less fighting. And that is true. But what makes your case uncontested is having reached a settlement. A divorce where the parties have not reached a settlement is considered “contested.”

So how do you get to be uncontested? How do you settle? Mediation is one way to get you there. Mediation is simply a process where a neutral third party helps facilitate a settlement between the parties. The mediator should be an experienced family lawyer, or someone who is experienced in mediating divorce cases in New Jersey, who knows all the issues that you need to discuss to get your case done.  You want to be sure not to leave any issues out to avoid problems down the road.

Mediation requires that both parties be committed to the process. That doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. It doesn’t even require that both parties want the divorce. However, both parties must be ready, willing and able to engage in mediation. If you find you have to beg your spouse to go to mediation, they just might not be ready. If you can’t get them to commit to putting a date for mediation on the calendar, that’s a sign they are not ready. If that is the case, you probably need to retain your own attorney to get the divorce process started. Your spouse may opt for mediation later at any time in the process.

If you think your case is a good fit for mediation, you can sign up here to get started with a one-time flat fee. If you aren’t sure if you’re a good fit for mediation, schedule a free consultation here for more information.

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