We have clients all the time that we tell them in our professional opinion what they should do, and they say, I'm not going to do that.

But then later, they end up litigating for 12 months and they end up doing what you had recommended right from the very beginning. But except that now, they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to get there when they could have been done a long time ago.

This usually happens when people are too involved in the emotional part of their story and are making decisions solely from an emotional place. They are not making business decisions because ultimately, that's what a divorce is. It's a business decision.

Before they even realize, they're 10 months in a litigation and have spent $15,000 – or more!

The problem with this is after so long they get exhausted and just want to be done. When that happens, they're willing to compromise, but what they don't realize is those compromises they make on “month 10” or “month 12” or “month 18”, could have been made earlier and they would have been able to settle for a lot less money.

Bottom line is if you are willing to compromise earlier, you are willing to listen to your attorney and, you are prepared to treat your divorce as a business decision you are most likely going to end up saving thousands of dollars on legal fees and will end up with a great agreement.

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