In 2019, the movie “The Marriage Story” was released. The movie begins with the parties attending divorce mediation. Sadly, the parties eventually wind up in a bitter divorce battle. In the movie, both parties hire “pitbull” divorce attorneys who fight vigorously for their clients. Eventually though, the parties settle, which is much more like real life. Very few divorce cases go to trial as most couples settle at some point during the process. At Netsquire, our mediators can help you avoid a long and costly divorce by mediating your dispute before you ever see the inside of a courtroom.

At Netsquire, we value your time and money. Divorce can be messy and complicated but the mediators at Netsquire do their best to help unravel the messy parts. For example, one of the most contentious areas of mediation can be custody and parenting time. Of course, parents want to do what is best for their children but when designing a parenting time schedule, there are many moving parts. After all, you and your spouse must consider not only the schedules of your children but your own schedules as well. At Netsquire we help you see what your life may look like going forward. We’ll review sports schedules, camp activities and business obligations to assist you with a parenting time schedule that works for everyone. A judge is not going to take the time to make those considerations.

At the end of the movie, a year later, the parties are able to go trick or treating together with their son, having come to an arrangement they can both live with. During the last scene in the movie, the wife allows Henry, the son, to spend the night with his father, even though it is really her night according to the schedule. If there is anything this movie shows, it is that divorce is a process. It is a series of decisions and compromises the parties can live with. It is not standing in a courtroom one day with your attorney and the judge banging the gavel, telling you “You are divorced!” Judges don’t want to make your life decisions. They want you to decide what works for your family.

This can be done through mediation at Netsquire. At Netsquire we have trained mediators that can assist you and your spouse in reaching an agreement that works for the entire family. For more information on mediation, contact Netsquire to schedule a Client Vision Meeting here.

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